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Partner With CanACC

Why Partner with CanACC

As a prestigious Canadian organization that is influentially positioned to connect Arab and Canadian businesses and individuals, CanACC acts as a key resource to demolish geographical and ethnic barriers by connecting businesses, workers, educators, government and the general public. Through CanACC website, bi-monthly e-Newsletter, semi-annual Magazine, annual Business directory and networking events, seminars and workshops as well as connection with other organizations and prestigious social clubs, CanACC assists in promoting and developing businesses.

  • Enhance and maintain your positive image in the business community by aligning your brand with CanACC
  • Receive premium visibility before, during and after the event
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Expand your competitive market by improving your company’s credibility when supporting events that attract your targeted audience.
  • Promote your product before a local and international audience
  • Network with new potential partners or clients
  • Develop your company’s future in the business community

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